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Provide Channels with a source.

Channels can work with multiple sources of TV. Use your antenna or cable with a TV tuner. Sign in with your cable or streaming provider. Mix and match to get as many channels as you can.

Install our DVR software.

Channels DVR Server runs on your computer or NAS device at home. There's no cloud to worry about. Your recordings and shows will always be available.

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Installs on virtually any device.

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Our flexible subscription gives your family a media powerhouse. Never miss your favorite shows, watch while away from home, watch on every device.

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Whole Home DVR

Instantly set up a whole home DVR.

Streaming Premium Channels

Sign in with your existing provider to use its channels.

Remote Streaming

Watch TV on your device while away from home.

Monthly Subscription

Channels Plus is the best way to get all the benefits from Channels. Subscribers get Live TV, full DVR features, the ability to stream while away from home, TV Everywhere channels, and free apps for every platform. Your subscription's first month is free and auto renews each month.

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Just need live TV on a single platform?

If you don’t need DVR features and only want Live TV, you can individually purchase Channels per platform, no additional computer needed. Watch, pause and rewind live television, anywhere in your home!



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Unlimited live TV
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DVR features
Use your Cable or Streaming provider
Watch anywhere
Free apps for every platform
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