Live TV and DVR anywhere, for the whole family

Enjoy Live TV, anywhere in your home with Channels

Your Favorite Shows

Watch primetime TV, local news, and sports anywhere in your home


Full HD TV right from your HDHomeRun

Surround Sound

Support for full 5.1 surround sound

Pause and Seek

Pause, rewind, and fast forward live TV

Program Guide

Zero configuration to see what's on TV

Quick Tune

Change channels in less than 1 second

Never miss an episode with Channels Plus.

Smart Recording

Record specific episodes or create a Series Pass to get every new episode that airs.

Search Your Favorites

Did you just hear about a great new show? Search for it right in Channels.

Watch While Recording

Watch a recording that's currently in progress, or choose to watch it live.

Team Pass

Search for your favorite team, create a Team Pass, and never miss a game again.

Watch on the Go

Catch up on your shows at the gym. Finish the end of the game on the train. Tune in to breaking news when it happens.

Seamless Management

Manage recordings, create a Series Pass, schedule recordings from the guide or while you watch, all right within Channels.

Easy to love.

Channel Flipping

See what's on your other channels while watching.

It Just Works

Never switch inputs again. Channels has simple and familiar ways to both browse and control TV.

Sports Seek

Customize your seek times for sports programming. Quickly skip through the downtime.


Mark channels as favorites. Browse them for quicker access to your favorite content.


Full support for VoiceOver. Browse and watch TV with ease.

Closed Captions

Full support for closed captioning and alternate audio tracks.

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