HDHomeRun is a device made by Silicon Dust. It comes in many models and Channels supports all of them.

Quick Advice

  • Antenna - HDHomeRun Connect Quatro
  • Cable - HDHomeRun Prime

Detailed Advice

Here are the two things to consider when picking an HDHomeRun:

  • OTA TV or Cable?
  • How many streams do you need at once?

Once it is set up, Channels uses it so you can watch live TV right on your streaming device.


HDHomeRun has 3 different models that work with antennas.

  • HDHomeRun Connect Duo
  • HDHomeRun Connect Quatro
  • HDHomeRun Extend
  • All legacy old tuners

HDHomeRun Connect

The Connect model simply broadcasts your OTA TV over the network. It comes in two models, a 2 tuner model and a 4 tuner model.

This is the OTA model that we suggest.

HDHomeRun Extend

The extend works exactly like the Connect, but it has the ability to transcode video right on the device. Transcoding the video compresses it to be smaller. This helps in situations where your home network is slow and you can’t do anything about making it faster.


By renting a cable card from your operator, you can plug it right into the HDHomeRun Prime and use Channels with all of the channels in your plan.

The HDHomeRun Prime has 3 tuners letting you record or watch 3 things at once.

A new 6 tuner Prime will be available later this year

Note: Channels can not play back Copy-Once encoded channels. Some operators encode premium subscription channels like HBO with this format. Some operators encode all of their channels with this format. Please check with your cable operator to see how they treat their channels.

Number of Tuners

Every stream from an HDHomeRun that’s being watched or recorded uses up a single tuner. If you have 3 TVs in the house that could have TV being watched on them at once, you’ll need 3 tuners.

You’ll need to consider this when picking an HDHomeRun to use.

Stack Devices

Channels can utilize multiple HDHomeRun devices at the same time. Need more tuners? Just buy another HDHomeRun. Channels will show the same guide and intelligently decide which HDHomeRun to use.